Over the last couple of weeks, both the blog and the Instagram page have been getting more traction. I’m truly thankful for those who decided to tune in, even if only for a quick glance. It is no surprise that this modest increase in traffic has brought about an increase in questions too, so I decided it was time to tackle the most common one of all. It usually goes like this:

It all boils down to those 4 words… what exactly are you?

Honestly, I cannot blame anyone for being confused; the question still pops in my mind every now and then. For what it’s worth though, I like to think I have a better answer now than when I started.

You guys will be the judge.


Let’s start with the name.

Impero (from the Latin imperare) means “I command”; and a project, of course, is a plan or strategic undertaking, usually with a long-term aim in mind. Put them together and you get what this page is about: a plan for you to take the wheel.

I have always envisioned Project Impero as a journey for the individual. It’s about you taking control of that which you can control: your skills and education; your ability to learn and share knowledge; your thoughts and emotions; your health, fitness and wellness.

How can this blog help you with that? By covering all of it.

We will learn about the best culture has had to offer, whether in philosophy, art, music, or other areas. We will learn about learning, communicating and persuading. We will learn about self-regulation, self-discovery and self-discipline. We will learn about exercise, movement, hormones and nutrition. All of it, and much more.

I want this blog to help you live passionately and deliberately – to the best of your ability.

Of course, this comes with a few difficulties. Perhaps you’ve already thought of the most obvious one:

How are you going to cover all of these topics?

The answer is twofold:

  1. I’m not in a rush
  2. By giving it a structure

The first one is really important. Project Impero is, above all, a long-term learning endeavor. It’s a chance for us to learn together over the years. I don’t want to sit here and tell you how you should live your life, but I would love for us to sit together and explore everything it has to offer.

The main goal is to fan the flame of curiosity that I know lives in all of us. As humans, we are condemned to whither away if we stand still. We can’t just be, we have to be more. We want to be better, in one way or another. Better lovers, parents or friends. More interesting, resourceful and knowledgeable. Healthier, more beautiful and capable. It’s in our nature; we fall apart without direction. We can’t not have goals. We can’t not have desires… even wanting to suppress them is a desire in itself.

In order to achieve this, the platform acts as a bit of a hub. My objective is not to teach everything about everything, that would be ridiculous. Instead, it’s to share content that’s hopefully attractive and thought-provoking enough to incite people like you to learn more. This is a fishing game, and I want to lay down some irresistible bait. That’s why our content is so diverse: the bigger the net, the bigger the catch.

This leads us to point number two: the blog’s structure. I will not go into detail here with regards to the division of our content, simply because I already dedicated a post to it a few weeks ago. It’s called the PEAK System.

All topics we cover will fall under one of four categories, shown below:

Click to expand
(opens in a new tab)

This overarching structure will be more evident the more new content is published. Think of it like a puzzle: you can’t truly see what image it’s supposed to form until a big chunk of the pieces are in place.

Basically, this blog will only make sense if we manage to materialize how to make individuals flourish in practical ways, and that will only be possible if we are here for the long run. A bit of pragmatism and a dash of patience.

That’s it for now, hopefully this has cleared up the previous lack of clarity from my part. I have not set in stone what this blog should be, I just want to feed it and watch it grow. Whether the page rises to fame or stagnates forever is irrelevant, what matters is that doing this feels right.

That being said, if Project Impero peaks your interest (pun intended) then by all means my friend, welcome aboard – we have a lot to learn.

Want to start learning? Here’s a mix of exercise, neuroscience and philosophy:

Want some more content? We’re very active on Instagram @projectimpero

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